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Frequently asked questions

Residential Property Valuation

Why do I need a home valuation?

Why should I avoid estate agent estimates?

What sort of residential property valuation do I need?

What marks out a good surveyor?

Should I update my building replacement insurance?

A trend to beware


Is Local valuation knowledge necessary?

What is the valuation based on?

How does a surveyor from an opinion of property market value?


Independent Commercial Property Valuation

What should I consider when picking new premises?

What should I ask about the future of my business?

How can I keep my repair bills down?

Matrimonial Valuation

Why do I need a Matrimonial Valuation?

What is the surveyor’s role?

What happens if I dispute a valuation?

Why pick us?

Inheritance & Capital Gains Tax

Who is responsible for paying property inheritance tax?

Valuing an estate to see if inheritance tax is due

Why do I need a surveyor?

How responsible am I for property inheritance tax?

I have hired a surveyor, so what’s my role?

Increased Threshold for Married Couples and Civil Partners

Inheritance Tax and probate forms

Lease Extension

Why do I need to instruct a solicitor to issue the section 42 Notice?

What is the next step once the Section 42 Notice has been served on the Freeholder?

What if my Freeholder is absent or doesn’t respond to the Section 42 Notice?

Roof Space Valuation

Surveying Services

What is a property Survey?

What is the difference between a Home buyers Report and Building Services Report?


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