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General Structural Inspection (GSI)

This is similar to a Specific Structural Inspection, except that the Engineer/Surveyor will inspect and report on the structural condition and adequacy of all the readily accessible load-bearing elements of the property (not just a particular problem area).

The inspection will include the roof structure, floors, walls, lintels and beams. It will also include the surrounding site in case there are any factors which could indicate a risk to the foundations.

The report will detail the structural condition and adequacy of all the loadbearing elements inspected. It will identify any structural problems or concerns and will recommend what needs to be done to rectify the problem or what further investigation may be necessary.

Where repairs/remedial works, or further investigation are recommended, the report will give budget costs for these, if requested.

Does not include those aspects normally dealt within a Surveyor’s Report, such as services, decorations, roof coverings and like, the position of the property with respect to local amenities and the condition of the property with regards dry rot, timber infestation, dampness and the like.



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