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Sunday 19th January 2020

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Why should Aston James Associates survey your home?

“Because forewarned is forearmed”

Knowing the specific risks or whether there are any serious problems, will help you decide how or if you should commit to the property buying or selling process.

home-inspection-services-Aston-James-AssociatesLondon based Aston James Associates offer a range of building and property surveys that can only be provided by qualified surveyors. Reliable and cost effective, these reports carry the full weight of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the industry’s most respected authority on Chartered Surveying.

The level of property inspection and the methods of reporting will be agreed initially when the client instructs a building surveyor and confirmed within the Conditions of Engagement: namely areas where the surveyor is to pay particular attention during inspection (e.g. focus on services and defects etc). Advice and guidance will be given on specific defects, cost of repair if requested and any other aspects of concern.

A Building Survey is relevant for all types of residential buildings; it is particularly useful and informative for older structures, namely: “Listed Buildings”, and those which have been extended, or converted; used commercially for flats with leasehold title or as a preliminary to preparation of a Schedule of Condition.

In the London area, particularly in south east London, building surveys may take on a more specialist engagement as subsidence is prevalent in these areas. AJA Surveyors offer a specialist service to survey properties experiencing subsidence or need to have the potential for subsidence assessed. These services are not confined to just London, AJA are happy to quote for projects in other parts of the country too.

The above information and those under the links are for those who are unfamiliar with instructing property surveys and whom require greater general understanding before they contact a Chartered Surveyor.

For further advise please contact AJA where a member of our dedicated team will be happy to discuss and explain the property survey options to you. You will then be able to discuss the most appropriate course of action and make a fully considered decision. Sometimes the most appropriate kind of inspection can vary for different people, as well as for different properties, meaning personal advice from an experienced professional is often the only way to really ascertain what you need.

Please remember that as Chartered Surveyors we are often onsite and therefore un-contactable even with mobile phones. If you telephone and get an answerphone, please leave a message, or e mail the AJA and we will call you back as soon as is possible.


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