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AJA Surveyors London RICS Building Survey

RICS Building Survey

The RICS Building Survey is a third tier survey offered by AJA Surveyors under the direction of RICS.

This type of survey is ideal for any property where you want to understand in more detail what the property is really like. It’s designed to dig much deeper than the two lower tier survey reports. It’s an ideal survey for older properties built in a non-standard manner, such as listed buildings or those that you may believe to have structural issues or problems with the fabric of the building.

Older buildings with ‘character’ are often very attractive purchases; something a little different from the ‘cookie cutter’ homes that typically line our streets. They can be in hot demand too, particularly in London and surrounding areas. The demand is so high in some places that potential buyers accept levels of building defects and areas of repair, often far beyond just decorative, others buying more modern properties would not. All because there is a greater level of acceptance that the property will likely need significant reconditioning and refurbishment. It’s really important when buying a property of this nature to have a RICS building survey carried out by a chartered surveyor as this building survey will dig much deeper in to the fabric of the building and surrounding property.

Even if the building isn’t that old or in particularly poor condition a full building survey can still be warranted. For instance: the architecture of the building might be considered unusual or have unusual structural features. The property may have had significant additions or improvements made to it that can easily hide a multitude of potential problems. The property and it’s buildings may be in an area prone to flooding or subsidence, either of which can have serious long term implications to the buildings structure.

The survey covers the following areas:

Property Inspection

Services To The Property

Outside The Property

For Flats

Dangerous Materials, Contamination and Environmental issues

The Benefits Of This Type Of Survey Include

  • Helps identify possible problems useful in price negotiations
  • It’s suitable for all properties.
  • Highlights areas needing urgent attention.
  • Provides advice to your legal advisors.
  • Provides professional advice on maintenance and repairs
  • Provides a comprehensive report on construction and defects.

Property and building surveyors AJA Surveyors are based in London and work throughout the UK, so if you feel the RICS Building Survey  is right for your next property move, call or email us today or use the form in the sidebar.


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