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AJA Surveyors London RICS HomeBuyer Report

The RICS Homebuyer Report

The RICS Homebuyer Report is a second tier and more extensive survey offered by AJA under the direction of RICS. If you are in the process of or considering to buy a property, whether in the London area or elsewhere, the Home Buyer Report from AJA Surveyors is a wise choice. The Homebuyer report, prepared by one of AJA’s chartered building surveyors, provides you with an excellent overall awareness of the condition of the property you are interested in buying. It attempts to identify what issues might be hiding that could cause problems and additional expense at a later date – from likely repairs, damp and other less obvious issues not visible without a professionally trained eye. A building and property survey of this nature will go a long way in assuring you the building and property’s grounds you are buying are basically sound.

This type of report is ideal for properties in a reasonable condition and of a standard construction dating back to 1850. This is the basic report you’d have carried out if your were buying a property. It includes all the elements of the RICS Condition Report and also:

  • Professional advice in regard to ongoing repairs and maintenance.
  • The surveyor will provide a market valuation.
  • An estimate of reinstatement costs for insurances purposes will also be provided.

The report covers the following areas

Property Inspection

Services To The Property

Outside The Property

Dangerous Materials, Contamination and Environmental issues

The Benefits Of This Type Of Property Survey Include:

  • It provides a condition rating of the property.
  • Helps identify possible problems useful in price negotiations.
  • It’s suitable for standard built properties from 1850.
  • Highlights areas needing urgent attention.
  • Provides advice to your legal advisors.
  • Provides professional advice on maintenance and repairs.
  • Provides a market valuation.
  • Provides building reinstatement costs estimate for insurance purposes.

Property and building surveyors AJA Surveyors  are based in London and work throughout the UK, so if you feel the RICS Homebuyers Report is right for your next property move, call or email us today or use the form in the sidebar.


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